We’re now in phase four, which means time is wide open for us to work on our project and use organizational tools to help us do so.

One tool that is highly useful is our Gantt charts (timeline). A Gantt chart is a visual timetable of scheduled tasks. Each one is set to take a certain amount of days and be completed on a specific date. Once you complete a task, the chart will fill up with the percentage finished. There is also a vertical line that shows which project day you’re on, which helps you to know whether you’re on track or not.

In my own timeline, I have four key points (milestones) to complete during the process of my project. My first one was to come up with ideas for my photoshoots, find models to use, and purchase any materials I would need. My second and third points are to execute twelve photoshoots and edit them in editing software. The final milestone is to format my photobook. It will include my selected photos along with short pieces of writing that correlate with the photo theme, and then it will be ordered and printed.

My project Gantt chart

Currently, I am on track with my timeline. I know this because the chart fills up each task you have completed, and all of mine are filled up and have been finished on the days they were set to be done. My completed tasks line up with the current project day; thus, I am on track and right where I’m supposed to be. Yet, I would like to try and be ahead of my timeline by a few days, in case I need any extra time.

During the next few weeks, I will be wrapping up my last three photo shoots and editing them in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I will also complete the last three of twelve writing pieces that are going to be accompanying my photographs. I will format my photobook through a website called Bookwright, to make it organized and aesthetically pleasing, and it will be ordered and printed. While I am waiting for the book to arrive, I am going to organize a small exhibit to showcase my work, after my final presentation. That will include five to ten large photograph prints and my pieces of writing for people to observe and read.

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