Now Entering: Phase 3

We are now in Phase 3 of our journey at Propel. Which means it’s finally project time. We’ve broken down our projects into pieces and created a timeline with those pieces. The timeline will help us with the organizational part of our project, so we stay on track. We’ll work on each of those pieces separately, or sometimes together. Once you’re finished one piece on the timeline, you move to the next. Of course, there’s a certain deadline you’ve put on the piece too since it is a line of time.

For my project, I’ve broken it down into four pieces. First, I’ll be planning and preparing for my photoshoots. That means creating the ideas/themes of each photo shoot and putting together details like the sets, outfits, and makeup. As well as finding models and arranging times to shoot with them. For my second section, I will complete the photoshoots and sort through all the photos to get the ones I want to use. The third piece of my project is to edit the photos I’ve chosen from all the photoshoots. Last, I’ll be putting those pictures into a photo book.

I think breaking my project apart this way really helped me to put it all into perspective. Before I was just winging things. I would come up with a photoshoot idea, find a friend to shoot the pictures with, edit them, and then wait around until I did that again. Now, I’m planning the photoshoots beforehand, so I won’t have to rush and be messy. They’ll all be sorted out. That way when I move onto taking the pictures, everything will be ready. After taking the pictures I’ll have designated time to sit down and edit them, and then they’ll be prepared to put in the book. I personally think this is the simplest way for me to get my project done in time without grand difficulty. Of course, there will be bumps along the way, but so far everything looks clear with the help of this timeline.

In the next few weeks, I will be starting the completion of my photoshoots. Currently, I have two more shoots to plan, and then I’ll start taking pictures with my models. Besides the timeline, I made my own schedule/plan. It includes the themes and details of each shoot and the dates and times I’m going to be doing them. Along with the name of the model. For feedback on my pictures and photographing skills, I’ll be sending my pictures to a family friend who is a professional photographer. I’ll also ask fellow classmates for their input on which pictures they think are the best when selecting which ones I’m going to use.

During POC week after I switched my project idea, I was feeling off, and wondering if I’d made a mistake. But now after laying things out and taking a far look at this project, I’m excited about it and I don’t feel any regret. I know I will be proud of this project however it turns out, and I‘m ready to get down to business.

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