A Concept to Prove

After two weeks, most of us have finally moved out of Phase 2; Proof of Concept (POC). Proof of Concept is the testing of your project/idea. Essentially, we created a smaller version of that bigger project/idea and checked off a list of tasks surrounding it. The purpose of this is to see if you can take on what you are hoping to and to prove that your project is possible.

During POC week I learned a few things. I learned more about DSLR cameras and how to use them on manual instead of automatic. I made a mini studio on a budget and in a time crunch by using dollar store supplies and set up in my basement. As well as some ways to compose photographs too. Regarding self-evaluations, I learned that I need to fix habits like procrastination and negative thoughts towards my art. I also need to stick to my ideas and stop changing them in fear of doing things wrong.

POC has helped me a good amount, but of course, I still need to make plenty of improvements. I know now that I should plan ALL my photo-shoots beforehand instead of only a few at a time because that gave me poor results for those few. What I did for Proof of Concept has made me feel more confident in my camera operating and photographing skills. I know I will be able to control my images to make sure they turn out in the ways I want them to.

When my project is in its final days, I’m aiming for my images to be aesthetically pleasing, full of color, diverse in models, and have a variety of sets and locations. I want my project to be something that I am proud of in the end. I am ready to kick procrastination and self-doubt in the butt and make sure I receive these outcomes.

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